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“Coming into balance with raw & cooked foods”


The 11th day after the new moon and the full moon is Ekadasi. It is a day to fast and purify. It is a very good day to Meditate as, astrologically, it is a difficult day. Traditionally it is used to fast and meditate.”The Ekadashi day is recognized as the best of all days to fast because it is on this day of the moon phase in which the rays of the moon actually nourish the subtle nerves and feelings of the heart,”(From Wikipedia).  On Ekadasi I love to fast with Yogi Ji’s recipe of 8 oz. each of Apple, Carrot and Grapefruit mixed together. Which I drink very slowly over the day with purified water in between the juice. Celery juice for lunch and dinner. Several days before I begin a juice fast I cut out caffeine and eat Kichari* to prepare for the fast. There are several wonderful recipes excellent for fasting on the blog, so please visit Sahajkaur blog for green recipes. (* under Yogic foods)