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“Coming into balance with raw & cooked foods”

Spring time is upon us and a perfect time to cleanse the body. Khichari is a perfect three day cleanse. I love to cook Khichari and have perfected a simple recipe that I will share here. I also am sharing a link to the Banyan site as they are a great online resource. https://www.banyanbotanicals.com/info/ayurvedic-living/living-ayurveda/cleansing/a-very-simple-three-day-cleanse/

I use whole organic Moong Beans and Basmati Rice, Organic spices and purified water,

I always make sure to wash the rice in three changes of water and let it soak for a least an hour. The Moong beans are also rinsed in the three changes of water and then cooked alone until tender in about 32 oz. of water. My husband always checks to see if the beans crush easily between his thumb and forefinger. Then they are ready for the khichari.

1 1/2 cups Mung Beans
1 1/2 cups Organic Basmati Rice Coconut Milk

1 Cauliflower

1/2 bag of frozen Peas
Ginger root ( small thumb size) Salt ( Himalayan Pink Salt)

1 cup Ghee or Organic Coconut Oil (virgin)

3 tablespoons Brown Mustard seeds

1 tablespoon Garam Marsala
2 tablespoons each- Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander, Hing ( just a small pinch) or aka Asafoetida

Wash mung beans in 3 changes of water, rinse and set to boil in 32 oz. of purified water till skins open (about 30 min). Wash rice also in 3 changes of filtered water and soak in last wash for a least an hour. If you desire to use ghee, prepare the ghee, or you can make it vegan by using coconut oil. You can prepare all this the night before and cook the rest in the morning.

Wash and trim cauliflower cutting the forest into small 1/4 pieces- set aside.

Combine cooked Mung Beans and rice together and bring to a boil in 32 oz. of water. Add the cauliflower when it boils, and then turn down med-low. Stir occasionally, so beans do not stick to the bottom. Heat the Ghee on medium-high heat in a separate wide saucepan when the ghee is just about smoking throw in mustard seeds.  Make sure it is super hot but NOT smoking! When they pop, add the rest of spices and grate in the ginger. Add the two cups coconut milk and frozen peas. Salt to taste and add the spice mixture to the mung beans and rice. Stir well. Serve.